Frankfort – Capital View Park

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 CVMBTboard with markersThe mountain bike trail system at CapitolViewPark is over 20 years old. This trail system is now 11 miles in length and extends beyond the actual park boundaries and onto state owned property next to the Library and Archives and also across Glenns Creek Rd. The main trails are marked with one of two trail markers (orange triangles or trangles with the Capitol sysmbol) These trails are maintained and managed through a partnership with the Frankfort Parks Department and the Bluegrass Chapter of the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association (KYMBA)/ ( The park enjoys year round riding and has trails that offer something for all levels of riders. The peak use of these trails is from May-October. During these peak months it is very busy with walkers, runners and riders; please always be alert, cautious, and respectful.The park host several events throughout the year:

CVP 2016 2

  1. Find the Fridge cross country trail run in March
  2. CVP Short Track Series (early March – Late April)
  3. The Capital City Off road triathlon in July
  4. The Bluegrass State Games Mountain Bike Race in July
  5. The 12 hours of Capitol View Mountain Bike Race in late August
  6. Take your Kid Mountain Biking event co-sponsored by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) in early October.

Trail precautions: There are several native trees and bushes that have thorns. Extra inner tubes, tire liners and tube sealant are recommended. Capitol View Park (CVP) is also home to a large deer population. These deer are very use to mountain bikes and don’t always move when you are approaching; be prepared to slow down or stop, and respect these animals.