Briar Hills – Oldham County (unsupported)

KyMBA Louisville Trail Team and our Board is not involved with managing or building the trail system at Briar Hills.  We are currently showing the map and providing trail condition information as a service to the community.

The Trail

Currently under reconstruction. This trail is very rocky and rooty and, while not very fast, will challenge your bike handling skills at slower speeds.

Trail Head

The trail proper is located in Briar Hills Park and the trail head begins under a tree near the entrance to the park by the road. Take this entrance and keep right as you make your way past the field, going in and out of the woods, until you get to the new fire road. Take the road approximately 75 yards the the “Outer Loop” (we are still planning names) will begin on your left and follows the creek. This will eventually go up the hill and into the woods and contains drop offs, creek crossings, and lots of rock gardens. The inner loop’s entrance is near the beginning of the fire road and is still somewhat undefined and the whole loop needs a lot of work.

More trails are located across the street from the park. Go up the hill and take a quick right as you go over the culvert. Take the gravel path past the “the plunge”, which is the exit, and enter the trail further up on the left. More signage is needed in here, but you will eventually cross the street again and go down by another creek. Be sure to take the rock gardens and boulder option on the way out for a super technical end of ride.

Trail Work Days

No official trail days is organized at this point, but a SPECIFIC group have the permission of Oldham Parks to perform maintenance and we have a plan in place. Trail work is posted a few days ahead of time on Facebook and anyone is welcome to come help.

Getting There

Take Hwy 22, Crestwood exit, off of Gene snyder, then take Briar Hill Parkway to the park.
Address: Briar Hill Park Crestwood, KY 40014