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SW KyMBA Update August, 2013

1 June 2013 No Comment


Dear Fellow Mountain Bikers,

Southwest KyMBA has a few updates to share what’s brewing in our region & slice of IMBA Pie. If your not already an active SW KyMBA member please join us as we make our Biking Destination Dream a Reality.

Happy Trails,

Chip Winger


1)   Big Hollow Trail Update– Here is a paste of the recent Mammoth Cave National Park Press Release followed by a news release regarding closures:

Mountain bikers commit to upkeep of Big Hollow Trail

In Mammoth Cave National Park

MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky., July 26, 2013 – On July 22, 2013, Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent Sarah Craighead signed an agreement with the Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association which establishes its members as the primary caretakers of the new 8-mile Big Hollow Trail.

“The relationship is a model for Mammoth Cave trail users, and for trail all across the National Park System,” said Craighead.  “The biking community has made a promise to keep Big Hollow Trail in good conditions for hikers and bikers alike.  It makes good sense that if you use a trail, you help maintain it.”

The Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, or SW KyMBA, is a local chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association, one of three in the state.

The agreement states that SWKyMBA will volunteer to maintain and repair the new 8-mile trail, since the Park no longer has funding or staff to take care for its entire 80-mile system of surface trails.

“Our members are excited to be part of the Big Hollow Trail, the first professionally built mountain bike and hike trail built in a national park,” said SW KyMBA Chairman Chip Winger, who signed the agreement.  “This is a momentous occasion not just for mountain bikers, but for hikers and trail runners alike who will also enjoy the use of the trail.  Our Chapter appreciates the trust that Superintendent Craighead has bestowed upon our organization to become the stewards of Big Hollow Trail.”

Big Hollow Trail is presently under construction in the backcountry of the Park, north of Green River and east of the Green River Road.   The Park contracted with Trail Dynamics and the Lightsey Corporation to build the new trail to specifications appropriate for hiking and mountain biking.

Dependent on the weather, the trail is slated for completion in fall 2013.



Maple Springs area to close for expansion, trail construction 

MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky., May 15, 2013 – Superintendent Sarah Craighead announced today that the Maple Springs Trailhead, Maple Spring Group Campground, and Maple Springs Loop Road will be closed this summer to allow for expansion of trailhead parking and construction of the Big Hollow Trail.  The trailhead and road will close May 20; the group campground will close June 1. 

“The National Park Service as a whole promotes outdoor recreation as a way to get fit and stay healthy,” said Craighead.  “This plan has been in the works for four years and is part of the Park’s Comprehensive Trail Management Plan.  As a point of explanation, the funds allocated for this project are not affected by the sequester, and the closures in the Maple Springs area are for construction purposes and not related to the sequester.”

Mammoth Cave’s 2009 trail plan outlined the need to:

        ·         expand parking at Maple Springs Trailhead from 14 spaces to 35 spaces (15 for trailers, 20 for vehicles, and two will be handicapped accessible).  The work is scheduled to be completed by September 1, 2013;

·         construct a multiuse trail to connect the Maple Springs Research Station, Maple Springs Group Campground, Maple Springs Trailhead, and the new Big Hollow Trail.  The work is scheduled to be completed by December 1, 2013;

·         construct a new trail dedicated to bike use and hikers.  The 8-mile, multi-loop Big Hollow Trail will be located in the hilly country of the Park north of the Green River and east of the Green River Road.  The work is scheduled to be completed by December 1, 2013.

The Maple Springs Loop Road and Trailhead will close May 20 to accommodate construction.  Notices of trail access/closures will be posted at each trailhead.  Signs indicting “trail closed” will be posted in the backcountry. 

Maple Springs Group Campground will close June 1.  From May 20 to May 31, visitors camping at the group campground may access trails via Sal Hallow; access to Raymer Hollow will be closed.

Construction at the trailhead and for the new trail will be funded through the Recreation Fee Program, which allows the Park to retain 80 percent of the fees collected for cave tours and at the campgrounds.  The Park contracted with Lightsey Construction Company to do the work.

“Planning is complete, environmental compliance is finished, and a contractor has been selected,” said Craighead.  “Work will commence May 28.  We want our trail users to be aware that this construction will impact their use of the Park trails during the summer season, however, the temporary inconvenience will result in long lasting improvements.”

This summer, hikers and horse users may access the backcountry trails via the trailheads at Lincoln, First Creek, Temple Hill, and White Oak.  North of Green River, bicycles are permitted on White Oak Trail; south of the river bicycles are permitted on the Mammoth Cave RR Bike & Hike Trail, Licklog Road, Crystal Cave Road, Great Onyx Road and Union City Road.



2)   Brier Creek Update – Deryck and Chip recently met with Alex Stewart with Spectrum Trail Design at Nolin Lake State Park. Many of you may be familiar with Alex’s work building trails such as Brown County, French Lick and Ben Hawes. Over a two day period Alex detail flagged the Point Loop Trail  and the Downhill/ Flow Trails off Omega Hill.. The fundraising is in the works including the Low Hollow 5K Trail Run fundraising event that was on 6/29 in Bowling Green.. Alex Stewart is slated to begin Trail work on the Point Loop, Point Loop Connector and DH/Flow Trails this coming October, 2013. This will be a Hybrid Construction process where Alex Stewart will be building trail with the help of KyMBA Volunteers and the US Army Corps of Engineers will be providing additional equipment and material. When all is said and done the Trail System will be just under 10 miles.  The Brier Crek Trail has everything going for it: Elevation, Technical, Flow, Views, Big Rock, climbs, descents and Lake/ campground location. And Yes, the Trail is located less than 12 mins from where Big Hollow is currently being built. When these two trail systems are complete we will have on one hand a trail system (Brier Creek) built by Alex Stewart- Spectrum Trail Design & SW KyMBA and on the other hand a trail system (Big Hollow) built by Ed Sutton- Trail Dynamics. Two Trail systems built by two of the Nations Premiere Trail builders yielding approximately 20 miles of singletrack!!! 


More updates on the way regarding the Rudy Mines Trails at Ben Hawes in Owensboro and the Low Hollow Trail at Weldon Peete Park in Bowling Green.





Here are some important links to help keep you connected, join us as we pedel into tomorrow where there will be a bunch more cool trail.

SW KyMBA Website: www.kymba.org/bowlinggreen

Southwest KyMBA Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SWKYMBA

Southwest KyMBA Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Southwest-KyMBA/

SW KyMBA/IMBA Membership: https://www.imba.com/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=212


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