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Riverfront Bike Park, aka Low Hollow Trail – Weldon Peete Park, Bowling Green, KY


The Low Hollow trail at Weldon Peete Park is a legit urban short track

(Please Do Not Use When MUDDY).Zach LH

Total Singletrack Trail Length

2.8 Mile Loop. Due to popularity with the trail we have now incorporated Daily Directional Traffic. Monday-Wed-Fri-Sun is counterclockwise direction. Tues-Thur-Sat is clockwise direction.

LH Direction

Skill Level

Beginner to intermediate (North side sections of the Park are mostly Intermediate while the South side of the Park is beginner)

Designed and Built By

Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, Trail Dynamics and a host of Volunteers. Conceptual renderings for project approval by Lucas Slavey of VAN METER & Slavey.


Weldon Peete Park, Bowling Green, Ky. You may enter the trail from the Greenways Path Trail head via the Riverwalk at Mitch McConnell Park or you can park at the main Lot at Weldon Peete Park .

Current Trail Map

Trail Story

In 2011 Bowling Green’s Weldon Peete Park was in need to have its image changed as the Park had a growing reputation for unlawful activities. Moreover, the park had begun to be refuge of litter.. SW KyMBA’s vision of building a Multi-purpose Trail was twofold. It would bring local Mountain Biking, Hiking and Trail Running to a local Park as well as reshape its image and reputation.

At 7:25PM on the evening of February 7th 2012 the Board of Commissioners of the City of Bowling Green under Municipal Order 2012-18 unanimously approved the agreement for the Bowling Green KYMBA Chapter (now SW KyMBA) for the rights to build. Construction of the mountain bike trail began immediately. During the following few weeks KyMBA discussed several trail names.  It was decided that the trail would be named the Low Hollow trail in honor of the recently closed Sal Hollow trail at Mammoth Cave and due to the low-lying topography of the area.

As of December 30, 2012 phase I of the Riverfront Bike Park aka the Low Hollow Trail was completed. Recent additions include new beginner lines, a Roller section, a rapids overlook trail and a flurry of berms and tables. The next step of the Riverfront Bike Park is to connect Mitch McConnell Riverwalk Park to Weldon Peete Park via under River Street followed by Phase II which consists Dual Slalom Course on Warren County’s side of the Park

















Phase III brings in the the Pump Track and skills course. SW KyMBA is currently underway working with the City of Bowling Green and Bowling Green Parks and Recreation as well as Warren County and Warren County Parks and Rec to bring this to reality



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Low Hollow Trail Fest Promo


A Special Thanks To:

All the Volunteers involved in the effort, BGRF & BROC,  Nats Outdoor Sports, Howard’s Cycling & Fitness, Griffs Deli, Warren County, Bowling Green Parks & Recreation, the City of Bowling Green, KY and Trail Dynamics for their help.


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