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Cave Creek Trail – Falls of Rough KY – Rough River Lake

The Cave Creek trail system is 6.2 miles and consists of three individual loops of increasing skill level. (See Map Below)

Campground Loop = Beginner/Novice.

Cave Loop = Intermediate.

Lake Loop = Advanced.

In 2018 JD Tucker with the US Army Corps of Engineers Rough River Lake contacted SW KyMBA with a vision of bringing Mountain Biking, Trail Running and Hiking to the Cave Creek Recreational Area and Campground. SW KyMBA’s Richard Dixon volunteered to take point and away he went laying down an incredible design – flagline. This was a group effort. From the awesome SW KyMBA Volunteers, the cool dudes from Isoterra and Trail Heads, The Public Trail Association of Grayson County, Friends of Rough River, USACE RRL and more. Big shout out to JD Tucker and Richard Dixon and thanks to everyone involved! SW KyMBA Trail Leader for Cave Creek Trail is Kerri Lee Nash. Please reach out to Kerri or email swkymba@msn.com if you would like to help steward this fine Trail.


The design and terrain offers a nice mix of chunk and flow & chock full of berms intertwined with intricate rock armor along with some elevation. Not to mention several alternate lines that include technical rock features and even a couple of drops.

Richard’s Recommended Route: Start at the Trail Head Kiosk located next to the picnic shelter (above). Take the Campground Connector Trail to the Campgroup Loop. Take a right/counter clock wise at the hub if you prefer a long gradual climb to warm up followed by a short but fast decent. Take a left/clock wise if don’t mind a short steep climb followed by a long flowy decent. Return to the Trail Head via the connector then cross the parking lot to the Lake Loop Connector. Take a right/counter clock wise at the Hub on Lake Loop. Take a right onto the Cave Loop Connector. Cross the paved road (using extreme caution) and ride Cave Loop counter clockwise. (you might consider exploring the cave if you’re feeling adventurous). Return to the Lake Loop via the Cave Loop Connector and complete the Lake Loop counter clock wise. Climb the Lake Loop Connector back up to the main parking lot to conclude the ride.

Note: The trail is bidirectional so feel free to ride it in the opposite direction if your schedule allows.

Another cool option that will yield the longest downhill run is: Start on Lake Loop via clockwise direction and jump right into some advanced Tech. When you get to the Cave Creek Trail Connector take it and roll the Cave Creek Loop clockwise until you reach the Cave Creek Cave intersection and take it via a left, cross the paved road (using extreme caution) at the Cave and hit Campground Loop clockwise in its full circuit. Cross the paved road back again (using extreme caution) and re-pass the cave then take a left and get back on the connector to Lake Loop.

Conclude the remaining Lake Loop by turning Left at the Lake Loop intersection and head back to the Lot. This route has you crossing the paved road 2 extra times so be wary of traffic when crossing the paved road. This is Cheeseburger’s fav run!




Cool Video from the Grand Opening Group Ride on May 1st 2021 (Click Link Below)

Pedaling Dave’s Video of Cave Creek Grand Opening 5/1/21





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