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Grapevine – Madisonville

Grapevine Update: After SW KyMBA’s TCL (Trail Crew Leader) for Grapevine presented a proposal for the needed Sustainability and Expansion Project to the City, the City of Madisonville approved it and has graciously funded it. Currently Rogue trails from NW Arkansas was awarded the project and improvements and expansion is underway. The project is scheduled to complete in the Spring of 2021. With upcoming Dual Rhythm & Flow Lines, more XC trail, added drains, berms and rollers Grapevine future is extremely bright.


History: The trail consists of two parts. The “A” side which is the most popular and best maintained portion. It is 3 miles. Then there is the “B” side which is less ridden and is 5 miles long. Both the A and B sides form together to make one large loop. So Grapevine consists of 8 miles of singletrack trail. It is divided by a gravel road that leads down to grapevine lake which is a popular area for fishing throughout the warmer months.

There is a current need to have some sustainable trail repair done such as some drainage issues associated with erosion, alongside building berms at some of the tight corners, and the repair of the wooden bridges.

Grapevine GPS Map

This is a great trail that has something for everyone. Much of the trail runs beside the lake which is nice scenery. Unfortunately its a trail system that often gets overlooked and needs more rider traffic to keep it in good shape. The Grapevine Trail has had a time trial series in years past.
There are plans to have an XC race in the future as well as running the time trial series again.

Directions to the trail: Located on the south side of Madisonville in the Grapevine area. You can get there from the parkway via Earlington Exit then turn right or from main st to left on McLeod LN to four way stop, Woods and gate will be on your left. Church is just .1 of a mile on the right..

Their are no City Ordinances that keep riders from riding at night. So bring your lights and ride.

Note: SW KyMBA’s Trail Crew Leader for Grapevine (Madisonville & Hanson Area) is James Seargent. Please reach out to James or SW KyMBA if you would like to join in on the Grapevine Trail Stewardship.

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