Fort Duffield – West Point

The Trail

These are technical, hand cut singletrack trails with lots of quick ups and downs. There are also a few dedicated freeride/dirt jump trails. The surrounding Fort Knox training grounds give this trail a very remote feel.

There is a large creek bisecting the park that will always take you back to the parking lot.

Trail Head

Start in the parking lot and pick your poison. All trails head UP! There are plenty of scenic views overlooking the Salt River in the back. There are many trails here with many loop options.

There are three trail blazes to watch for:
Yellow: Quick Downhill, big travel bike trail. Lots of jumps and gaps, but fun on an XC bike as well.
Red: Cross country loop encircling the park. My favorite way is to catch this trail near the road out to the front of the park and climb the quarry. Its a steep technical climb, but not i
impossible for a somewhat experienced rider.
Blue: This is another XC trail, a bit more technical than the Red loop.

Trail Work Days

Currently their are no regularly scheduled work days.

Getting There