Fort Duffield Dig In Grant

Dig In IMBA Grant. We need your help!

KYMBA is proud to announce that we have been awarded an IMBA grant to help with funding for the expansion of our beloved Fort Duffield park.

Located in West Point, KY, which is a few miles southwest of Louisville, “Duff” as it has become known, is a steep, technical wonderland with gobs of potential for future growth.

We currently have about 8 miles of trails at the park, including the recently built Cannonball; a black-rated jump line that is sure to leave a big smile on your face. Our success with the IMBA grant project will bring us much closer to another new trail.

Now here is where we need your help. For every dollar we raise, IMBA/Shimano will match us, dollar for dollar, up to a $2000 total match!

However, we as a community cannot stop at $2k. This match will provide much needed momentum towards our overall goal of $40,000. With $40,000 KYMBA Louisville expects to open two new trails! We envision a portion of the funds going towards reworking an old trail that has been closed for quite some time, and the bulk of your donation will be used to build a completely new technical single track trail.

This opportunity is like getting a large portion our trail built for 50% off.  Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and make it happen! You can donate through the IMBA portal by clicking the button under the fundraising meter. 

Thank you for supporting KYMBA and our quest to make the Louisville area a destination for epic riding!


Help us reach our goal of $40,000!