Heads up for those at Cherokee Park

As many of you know, the Scenic Loop around Cherokee Park has been car-free for a while, but there has been a significant increase in pedestrian and cycling traffic. Due to this, Olmsted Parks has put up signs and cones in a few areas on the loop to help separate cyclists and pedestrians assisting with the flow of traffic. Here are a few other tips from Louisville Olmstead Parks Conservancy regarding the Loop. As always, please watch your speeds while on the road and keep an eye out for pedestrians.

If you’re a cyclist using Scenic Loop, here’s how you can keep yourself and others safe:

  • Keep Right

    Stick to the far right side of the vehicle lane, and try to ride the same way around the loop as regular car traffic (counter-clockwise).

  • Use Bells

    Use bells to notify pedestrians when approaching/passing. Remember- lots of people are out with earbuds in and won’t hear you coming. 

  • Obey the Speed Limit

    Do not exceed the speed limit—it applies to vehicles and cyclists.

  • 6ft Apart

    And as always, it’s important to stay smart, 6 feet apart.


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