How do I join KYMBA?


Joining is easy. Simply complete the membership form at and you’re done! Please Note: Membership dollars are split between IMBA and KYMBA. A percentage goes to IMBA to represent and advance mountain biking interests nationally and pay for their staff to help us manage our club’s administrative duties better than we ever could.

Why should I join KYMBA/IMBA?

Renewing your membership with KYMBA Louisville helps in two vital ways. First your annual membership dollars sustain our existence. Your membership helps us cover basic cost of insurance, fees, and services. Secondly and just importantly our active membership numbers show our land manager partners how much demand exists for accessible trails. We have strength in numbers and without your membership we have less influence. Help KYMBA Louisville create the best urban trail city in the US!

Join KYMBA/IMBA to become part of the team of trail users working to improve the experience on trails close to home. Your support is critical in helping KYMBA Louisville and IMBA work with local land managers, demonstrating that we will continue to build and maintain sustainable trails AND be responsible trail users. As a KYMBA Louisville/IMBA member, you will receive special regional newsletters, invitations to monthly meetings, and many other social events throughout the year. Most importantly, you will be helping us develop future trail opportunities and improve our current local trails.  Join KYMBA Now!

KYMBA Louisville