Located near downtown Louisville.  Cherokee has 13 total trails with 7 miles of riding.  Greens and Blues make up the park with a decent amount of climbing.

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Ft. Duffield

Located in the South West corner of the area between Ft.Knox and Louisville.  Great downhill with Techincal Black Diamond Rated Trails. 10 trails with 6 miles of terrain.

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O’Bannon Woods

Located in Southern Indiana, about 45 minutes west of Louisville and well worth the drive. There are over 17 miles of singletrack in the park and another 22 miles on the Adventure Hiking Trail.

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Waverly Park

Waverly is 25 minutes south west of down town Louisville. The trail system offers 7.5 miles of fast, flowy, smooth climbs and descents. The climbs will test your fitness and the descents will make you smile.

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Turkey Run

Located 30 minutes southeast of downtown Louisville. There are about 8 miles of beginner-friendly, well-marked mountain bike trails within the Turkey Run Park area.

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Silo Bike Park

The Silo Center Bike Park is blast for all levels. You can park at the same location as Turkey Run. Start testing your skills on a beginner-friendly flow trail and work your way up. The bike park is open from 10 am – sunset and closes when the conditions are wet.

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